Indus specializes in the machining and grinding of sputtering targets. We have over 40 years of experience in this industry and we have developed best practices to ensure there is no contamination of materials. We can dry your targets to bake out moisture and impurities. We will ensure that brittle targets that are bonded and have high CTE mismatch to backing plates will be handled with extra care to prevent cracking. We also have the necessary solutions to properly clean targets to prevent staining and minimize the final cleanroom cleanup. We machine a variety of backing plates of all shapes, sizes and materials. If necessary we can NANOFOIL® bond targets and backing plates. We also gritblast and polish targets per our customer specifications. We are critical suppliers to many major players in this industry.

Pharma & Cosmetic

We are familiar with many of the filling machines on the market. If your machine is down and needs parts quickly we may have stock on parts. If not, we can turn parts around much faster than the OEM's. We understand FDA requirements for materials and surface finishes required for parts. If you have broken components we can even help you repair or reverse engineer and remanufacture them.


Indus (a minority, woman-owned business) produces military and defense parts to the strictest military standards. We are able to handle simple to very complex parts and assemblies. We have a great deal of experience working with today's more challenging alloys.


In an industry that demands accuracy, repeatability and efficiency, Indus delivers! We machine Aerospace components from solid billets and castings using our 4- and 5-axis machining centers. Employing 5-axis machining helps significantly reduce setup and cycle times and improves accuracy and repeatability. We use the latest high-speed machining techniques and tools to reduce costs for our customers.


Indus has years of experience working with various architectural firms and sign manufacturers. We have worked on projects including large scale signs, high end lamps, granite floors in hotels and specialty countertops. We are ready to help turn your vision into reality. We can also do additional fabrication, welding and polishing on finished components. Our Timesaver can polish parts up to 24" wide.

General Machine Shop

Indus is a full service machine shop. We are able to complete most parts in-house, only subcontracting heat treating and plating. This gives our customers huge savings in time and cost. Our large variety of machines with large capacity enables us to complete a wide range of parts.